Shoreham RNLI

“Google 360 tour”

Ever wished when on Google Street view, that you could click and see inside the shop/premises? Well now you can with Google Business Photo Tours.

Here at Crate47 using our Google accredited photographer we offer a Google Business Photo Tour service that provides businesses with Google Street view style tours that link seamlessly with Street View. This enables you to invite potential customers into your business virtually from the comfort of their own home.


This service was illustrated perfectly when The Crate47 team produced an entire tour for our neighbours at Shoreham RNLI, believed to be the first RNLI lifeboat station in the country with a virtual tour that included a tour of the boat.

Through this virtual tour people can now click on a link and walk around the building, the lifeboat and the points of interest we have featured at their leisure. This has helped to raise awareness of the RNLI, increase visitors to the lifeboat station and help with donations.





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